For this post, I wanted to highlight a product that I photographed years ago.  Back in NH, I had a client come to me with an interesting mix of passions: playing music... and sewing! James was in a band, played guitar, and had always wanted to personalize his instruments.  When his dad passed, he took the opportunity to memorialize his life by using some of his father's clothes and mixing it with other bits of fabric to create this custom fabric trimmed guitar.



I love all the little details that he took the time to design, including keeping the guitar completely functional.... and there's a built-in pick pocket!



It was a lot of fun playing around with different setups to bring out the color and accentuate the quilty-ness of this guitar.



You can understand my excitement when James came back a year later with a second version that he had sewn.  This time adding a little more glitz to the design and creating something totally different from the first.



Again, the details were definitely there to appreciate.




Now I don't think things could get much better, because it's 4 years later, and James recently relocated to Denver and has a 3rd guitar that he's completed.  This one.... a Camo-caster!  Made with vintage Vietnam surplus camo, stayed tuned in the coming weeks to see what his 3rd masterpiece looks like!