I haven't gotten out as much this winter into the mountains, but with all this beautiful weather that we've been having in the Front Range lately, I had to seize some time to romp around in the woods a wee bit.




One of my favorite places to go when I want to make peace in the mountains, is BLM land.  As long as you have a decent 4x4 vehicle (for all the dirt roads) and a spirit for disconnected adventures, BLM land is a great place to experience the beauty of Colorado (or whatever state you're in!) without the influence of the outside world.  You often don't have cell service in these areas, and can expect to see only a handful of people or cars over a multi-day period.  I love getting away like this, as I can truly just get lost in the landscape.  Nature inspires my creativity in so many ways.... and I'm not just talking about pretty landscapes.  The textures drive me crazy..... they are SO pretty!  And so diversified.  The cycles that you see evident when you wander around a little micro-environment, it makes you understand how all of life is an ebb and flow, and everything is striving for balance.



One of the natural cycles that I've always been fascinated with is what happens when an area has been affected by forest fires.  This can be a replenishing cycle, but also has a big impact on the landscape, and creates a new beauty that has a very different feel than a lush, healthy hillside.




We couldn't help but hop on a boulder that we came across.  Play time!




And the sunset wasn't bad either.




I'm really glad we got out when we did.... considering everything is frozen and white now.  70's in February, I will miss you!  Until next time, stay warm everybody.