I will be celebrating my birthday in a few days, and around this time of year I always feel an early spring motivation breeze through me, and I begin to get excited about the fresh new year ahead.  I decided it's time for me to start a blog, officially.  I've attempted a blog in the distant past, but I have a slight problem maintaining them because... well... I love being creative behind the camera more than anything.  But here we are!  It has been decided... a blog has been created, and so it shall be done!

You can expect to hear a new story from me every other week, and in between you can follow me on Instagram (@TeganKStudios) or check out some BTS (behind the scenes) on twitter (@TeganKStudios).  Oh, I forgot to introduce myself... I'm Tegan, owner and photographer of Tegan K. Studios!  I'm a native upstate New Yorker, but now blissfully call Colorado my home.  I'm hoping to give you guys some inspiration by sharing my photography projects and assignments with you, and share a little insight into how I approach photography.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or let me know more of what you want to see! This blog is your oyster.  And I'll try not to make too many dumb jokes :)

Next post, I'll give you some insight into the beginning of my most recent personal project, which you can check out here.  Until next time... Oh, and if you are local to Denver, try to enjoy some of the upcoming beautiful weather!  60 degrees in January, yes please.